Rashmi & Jay

June 2018

Growing up, Rashmi and Jay lived next door but one to each other and, through their families, have always been friends. They became close later in life when Jay was working as a landscape gardener and suggested they went for a drink after work. By June 2014, the couple had bought their first house together and chose the same date to tie the knot 4 years later! Rashmi says, “The proposal was more of a conversation about the best time to get married,” truly reflecting their laid back, relaxed approach to the big day!

Searching for the perfect venue

As the wedding preparation began, Rashmi and Jay came across The Woodlands online and instantly knew it was the venue for them. The style suited them down to a tee. “We both love the outdoors and the setting looked perfect, casual and low-key,” explains Jay.  In November 2015 they booked a visit and the couple explain, “It was the first and last place we visited as we had our minds made up there and then.”

The big day

Rashmi and Jay decided last minute to have an outdoor ceremony as they “fell in love with the natural setting.” Their vintage/shabby chic theme and pastel colour pallet complemented the surroundings perfectly and the small details tied it all together. Their wedding cake featured mushrooms and fern, Rashmi’s dress was all lace with floral and leaf embroidery, and her bridesmaids wore flower crowns. 

The drinks reception gave time for everyone to mingle while the children played in the grounds. Following, a mixture of Asian and English food was served, and Rashmi says, “It was a fantastic selection and the service was great too!”

John Legend’s ‘You and I (nobody in the world)’ played for the first dance and the cake cutting was “brilliantly organised.” Guests gathered to capture the special moment and Rashmi says, "It was great to see all of our friends and family together!" 

Lasting memories

Setting a brilliant example of how to not let unplanned ‘surprises’ get in the way of your big day Rashmi and Jay laugh about their wedding car breaking down on the way to pick them up. They will always remember Rashmi’s auntie and uncle tailing them on the M1 just in case it happened again! Jay also put Rashmi’s ring on the wrong hand, but she says, “He always makes me laugh and that was no different during the ceremony!”

Advice to other couples

“Make sure you enjoy every second and each other because it goes so quickly,” says Rashmi, “true love conquers all and for us marriage symbolises unity and declares the bond between us. Weddings are a great opportunity to celebrate this with friends and family. Make sure your day is special and you are happy with the planning decisions made. Try not to get stressed by staying organised and delegating to those you can trust.”


When asked if they would recommend The Woodlands Rashmi answers, “Yes, yes and yes! I can’t fault a thing about the venue. It's just perfect for a more relaxed wedding. The facilities are great for the volume the venue can hold and some of our guests are already looking to book it for events,” she adds, “the staff are brilliant and flexible - we never had a request that was denied during our planning meetings. There are also different ceremony options for the venue so if it does rain it’s not the end of the world!”


Photo credit: Sarah Brittain Edwards, http://www.sarahbrittainedwards.com/ 

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