Friday 13th December, Hothorpe Hall

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Fancy something a little different for your Christmas get-together this year? Join us for ‘Murder Three Dimensional’. Perfect for couples through to small or large groups of colleagues or friends, you will enjoy a three-course festive meal while the interactive murder mystery is acted out around you.


The plot

In this interactive murder mystery, Film Company, High Noon Productions, are filming on location at Hothorpe Hall. However, with the film running over budget and behind schedule, pressures are mounting on director, Periquito Kerridge. With a temperamental leading lady, an alcoholic leading man and skeletons tumbling from the closets of other cast and crew, not everyone is going to make it to the final reel…

Interaction (optional)

Dinner guests who are brave enough are encouraged to question the suspects at your table, however defensive and evasive they are. You're also free to follow them, eavesdrop on them, and study 'clues' which will be displayed in an incident room. At the end of the event anyone wishing to do so is invited to sum up their case… before all is revealed!

All of the suspects are played by professional actors, so guests are not required to role play at all and may just enjoy dinner and watching the plot unfold around them.

Timings: Bar opens at 6pm with guests seated for dinner at 7:30pm. Dinner and murder mystery will last for 2.5 - 3 hours, with the bar open after until 11:30pm.


Book online

Alternatively, please call or email us directly to book. 

In association with Murder One.

Contact us:  T: 01858 881500

NB. The murder mystery contains some adult themes and language and therefore may not be suitable for under 16s (unless with parental approval), or those of a nervous/sensitive disposition.


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