If you are looking for a short midweek break, Hothorpe Hall is the perfect place to escape to. We are based in Theddingworth in Leicester, in the East Midlands, in a secluded, peaceful place just out of the city, surrounded by woodland area. We offer different sorts of breaks that range from catered family breaks to luxury treehouse resorts to group stays in our Woodlands venue.

Escape the hustle and bustle

Midweek breaks, even if they are just for a matter of days can provide the perfect recluse away from the hustle and bustle and stress of every day life. These few days away can leave you feeling refreshed and allow (for a short time at least) to forget all your stresses and responsibilities.  

If you are looking for a romantic midweek break for a loved one as a treat or for a special occasion, we would recommend a stay in our luxury treehouse with prices starting from £200 a night for bed and breakfast although basic self-catering facilities are also provided. This cabin makes for the perfect retreat on the edge of a wooded area, elevated for a stunning view, the accommodation provides nothing less than luxury. The treehouse is spacious and extravagant with an indulgent bathroom, living space and bedroom. No matter the time of year, regardless that it is the middle of the week, this cabin makes you feel completely content and relaxed for the ideal luxury midweek break.

We also provide the perfect destination to take a few days out with a group of friends to escape daily life and catch up on things, slowing down the pace and making quality time for the important people in your life. We often see small and large groups of friends that choose to stay with us whether it is for a celebration or just because you need some time away.

Our residential breaks are the perfect cheap midweek breaks for families. They can serve the perfect purpose of keeping the children busy throughout the holidays or for bringing the family back together for some quality time. We have 55 rooms in Hothorpe Hall and 23 in The Woodlands with large meeting rooms holding up to 160 people for larger family gatherings or events. We have 12 acres of gardens and woodlands with an outdoor games court, indoor nursery, pool table and table tennis and children’s play area to keep the children occupied. There is plenty to do to keep everyone happy and with the city only a short drive away you can plan days out too. We aim to make these breaks as affordable as possible for you and your family and our midweek prices make it an even more tempting experience.

If you wish to book your stay today or simply get some more information on what we have to offer, do not hesitate to get in touch. You can give us a call on 01858881500 or email us at office@hothorpe.co.uk or book with ease online today.

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