Mother of the Bride outfit ideas

12 September 2019

If your daughter’s nuptials are coming up, your thoughts may have recently turned to Mother of the Bride outfits. Although a great deal of attention will be paid to her gown, it’s vital that you don’t underestimate the importance of your attire. The Mother of the Bride is a long-standing tradition and you’ll be expected to adorn a special outfit, so it really is important to source the right attire for the occasion. Read on to find out more about sourcing the perfect Mother of the Bride dress.

Ask the bride

One of the most effective ways to get the right Mother of the Bride dress is to ask the bride herself. Chances are that she has a firm idea of what styles, patterns and colours will be suitable and which should be avoided at all costs. If there is something that you like the look of but are unsure whether it will be right for the big day itself, why not send her a photo or an internet link before you go ahead and make the purchase?

Take influence from various sources

You can use a range of details to guide you towards the perfect Mother of the Bride outfit. Influences can include the type of venue that the wedding is taking place in. If the wedding is taking place in a formal location like a church or hotel, you may need to aim more upmarket. However, more relaxed attire could be suitable if the couple are marrying in a more casual environment, perhaps on the beach. It’s essential to ensure you feel comfortable in your Mother of the Bride dress – you will be spending several hours and performing various activities in the dress, so make sure you can move around in it easily. When choosing your Mother of the Bride dress, aim to look great without actually upstaging the bride or standing out too much. Avoid stylistic clashes at all costs.

Alternatives to dresses

Trousers have become increasingly popular over recent years. If you don’t feel particularly comfortable with wearing a dress, you may well wish to opt for a matching trousers and coat set. Although hats are traditional, they are not worn as commonly as they once were. If the wedding is taking place in a religious venue, you may be expected to wear one. You can always opt for a modestly-sized hat if you’re not overly enthusiastic about wearing one but need to compromise.

Accessories for the Mother of the Bride

It’s also important to choose your accessories wisely when you are putting together a suitable Mother of the Bride outfit. Popular Mother of the Bride accessories include handbags, purses, gloves and scarves. If you are having something made to order, make sure you leave sufficient time for your items to be manufactured and despatched. It’s wise to get the process up and running at least three months in advance.

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