Green Team March 2019

11 March 2019

It’s been four months since our Green Team was established and we’re already making fantastic progress! We now have a full ‘Environment & Sustainability policy’ in place and are making changes across all areas of the business. Here’s what we’ve been up to and what we’re hoping to do next…

Reducing plastic use

Remove single wrapped tumblers in bedrooms – We have stopped providing single, plastic wrapped drinking cups in our bedrooms. As an alternative, cups are available from reception should guests need them. This change has proved to be extremely successful, particularly as all rooms are equipped with tea & coffee making facilities meaning the mugs are being used more.

Remove plastic straws – We’re no longer buying in plastic straws and are looking into providing metal alternatives for guests to purchase.

Buy more bulk – We’re looking at where we can buy in bulk, if we don’t already, to lower Co2 emissions and reduce packaging. The Green Team have also been in contact with our current suppliers to encourage more environmentally friendly packaging processes and our vegetable and dairy products now arrive on crates, rather than with plastic wrapping.

Introducing refillable glass water bottles – Guests visiting us for meeting or conferences were previously provided with plastic water bottles, whereas now glass bottles are refilled in house. We have also replaced water bottles in our vending machine with cans.

Saving paper

All invoices now go out by email –Invoices across all departments now go out via email, saving on paper and printing. We are also in the process of designing an email footer for our staff to use on their external communications to encourage other businesses/ clients to consider the environment before printing.

Print settings – Our standard print setting across the business is now black and white, double sided. This has been set to all computers and staff are also encouraged to consider the amount of printing they need to do.

Staff involvement

Bike to work scheme – We have introduced and are encouraging staff to make to most of the government’s ‘Bike2Work’ scheme to lower our Co2 emissions.

Car share – As we are all becoming more aware of our environmental footprint, Hothorpe Venue’s staff are getting involved and car sharing as and when they can!

Moving forward

Looking forward, we will continuously be working to improve (and be sure to keep you updated) on big and small changes across the business, here are a few things that will hopefully be implemented soon…

Cleaning products – Meeting are scheduled, and research is being carried out to implement environmentally friendly cleaning products, with the hope of all products use eventually being switched.

LED lighting – LED lighting is something that we are continuously working on. All light bulbs that run out are now replaced with LED bulbs.

Recycling station – We’re excited to be introducing, in conjunction with other companies such as Walker’s Crisps & Garnier, a recycling station for items that are usually difficult to recycle,  such as crisps packets and beauty containers.

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