What should you ask for on your wedding gift list? 

11 January 2019

Many couples struggle to decide which items to request when they are compiling a wedding gift list. If the time to start making requests has come and you can’t decide what to ask for, read on for ideas. Chances are you need more items for starting your new life together than you think. 

Guests expect to buy gifts

Some people are hesitant to ask for anything, worrying that they will appear cheeky or presumptuous. However, most wedding guests know that they are likely to be asked to buy something for the happy couple. As long as you don’t go overboard with expensive requests, there’s little chance you will cause offence. 

Gifts for the home

In the past, many wedding gift lists included items that were required for the home. This is because a large number of couples lived apart before the big day arrived. More and more couples marry after a period of living together today, which means there is a reduced emphasis on such gifts. However, new goods for the home can still come in handy, especially if you are in the process of rethinking and refreshing your space. Popular items for the home can include everything from wine glasses and photo frames to garden accessories, kitchen equipment, bedding, cutlery and coffee machines. 

Can you ask for cash? 

Some people prefer to receive money. If you would prefer cash, you should mention this on the gift list that you send out with your invitations. It’s not uncommon for people to ask for contributions to big purchases such as plane tickets, payments for honeymoons or house deposits. People are more likely to give money when they know what it is going towards. It’s also wise to add a mix of affordable and costlier items to your list, so those with limited budgets can still make purchases and people with more to spend know what to splash out on. Don’t be afraid to put unusual, distinctive or non-traditional items on your list. 

Why create a list? 

Wedding guests prefer to be given instructions on what to buy so they know their purchase will be appreciated. If you don’t tell them about what you actually want, they will most likely buy a gift anyway, and you could therefore end up with multiple versions of the same thing. One of the main purposes of wedding gifts is to help couples make the best possible start to their lives together. 

The right wedding gift etiquette

It’s also good etiquette to let guests know that they are not obliged to buy something from your list – they may prefer to surprise you with something you have not thought of but will hopefully appreciate and find useful.

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