Tricks to finding the perfect dress

11 January 2019

There are several things you should bear in mind when you’re searching for the ideal wedding dress. Many people say they ‘just know’ when they have found the perfect wedding dress, but if you are yet to reach that point, here are a number of tips that may help.

Take your time

Be prepared to set aside enough time to find your perfect dress. You may have to try on a substantial number of dresses before you find one that you are happy with. Few people encounter their ideal dress straight away. You may need to partake in a vast amount of research before you find the garment that you’re happy with. You may want your dress to fit in with any colour scheme or wedding decor style you have in mind, and you should even think about whether it is a good fit for the venue where your nuptials are taking place. The season and expected weather is also likely to play a part in your decision making.

Decide on your budget

You will also need to work out what your budget is. Prices can vary wildly, but things will become much more straightforward once you know what you can and can’t afford. With so many options available to you, it’s a wise move to start whittling down your options as soon as you can. You may not need to spend a fortune to find a dress that suits you down to the ground – many brides have been able to get considerable discounts on dresses they truly loved, by buying off the peg samples in a sale. You will normally need to arrange an appointment once you are ready to start trying on dresses and it's advisable to wear minimal makeup and perfume when you are trying on garments.

Listen to constructive opinions

Don’t dismiss other people’s opinions – if someone tells you a particular garment doesn’t suit you, it may be best to try something else. You may also need help with finding the right accessories to complement your dress, from jewellery to veils and more. Don’t cave into pressure if your friends or family want you to wear a dress that you don’t feel comfortable in or are not happy with -  if you are not satisfied with your dress, you may find it hard to enjoy your big day to the full.

Get the comfort you desire

What looks great on one person won’t necessarily flatter everyone – there is no universal style of dress that suits all brides and there are guides online that offer tips on cuts and styles that best suit your figure. Try sitting and standing in the dress to ensure it provides the comfort that you are seeking and ensure the fabric doesn’t irritate your skin. If you have already purchased your accessories, take them with you when you are trying on your dress for the first time.

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