Hothorpe Hall's new Trafford Lounge & Bar

15 January 2018

Having started over the festive break, Hothorpe Hall's Trafford Bar & Lounge is currently enjoying a soft refresh which we think will prove popular with all our guests.

As the main area of the Hall used for conference coffee breaks, weekend church group leisure time, evening social time at the bar, as well as for weddings and parties, it's a room that is important to - and used by - all of our clients.

Following advice from interior design consultants, the dark wood bar has been stripped back to an oak-finish top, the back bar lightened with an on-trend grey, the bar fascia is soon to be lifted with a zinc metal effect finish and red brick work added to the back bar. The walls have been freshly painted, including a midnight blue statement wall, which provides a cosy corner with comfortable sofas.

New wood-effect flooring will replace the current mix of wood and carpet in mid-January and a range of furniture - including more high bar stools - will replace some of the current furniture making it much more of a modern bar!

We've increasingly seen the bar and lounge used as an area where people wish to stand or 'perch' and chat when they've been seated for so long in a meeting or at dinner. But don't worry, there'll still be a handful of comfy sofas for guests who'd rather relax during their downtime.

Although we're giving a nod to some modern styling in the Trafford Lounge & Bar, it's definitely still fit for a Georgian manor house! Work is being completed in stages around our clients' events and will be finished by early March 2018.

We'll update with professional pictures as soon as we're able, but in the meantime have shared some of our own to give you a sneak preview before your next visit.

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