Investing in the future: Installation of electric car charging station

9 October 2017

If you are part of the electric car revolution you will be delighted to know that, consistent with our ongoing commitment to the environment and meeting the needs of our customers, Hothorpe Hall & The Woodlands have invested in an electric car charging station that you are able to use when you visit. We believe we’re one of the first Leicestershire meeting venues to install a dedicated charging point for electric car drivers.

Car charging is enabled using a card charging system for those who are part of the UK Charge your car (CYC) network* (more information at: You will be able to charge your electric car for a very reasonable 18p/KWhr when you visit Hothorpe Hall & The Woodlands.

The charging station is conveniently located in the car park of Hothorpe Hall and can be found in the first spaces as you enter - well signposted for those not familiar with the layout, or pop in and ask at Reception and they will be only too happy to point you in the direction of the environmentally-friendly car charging station!

Hothorpe Hall & The Woodlands are committed to reducing our environmental impact and considering the implementation of green initiatives as detailed in our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement.

If you’d like further information to cascade among the delegates at your event, please contact us.

*currently CYC network users/account card holders only, but all non- CYC network electric car drivers will be able to access the charging point from November 2017.

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