Christmas Leftovers

23 December 2015

All of the staff are busy, busy, busy, but perhaps the busiest of all are our Chefs, who pride themselves on making sure that all of our guests have the very best festive culinary experience here at Hothorpe Hall & The Woodlands.

Christmas is a time when many of us like to spend some extra time in the kitchen, preparing food for our nearest and dearest with love and care – but once the feasting is over, most of us are left with a pile of leftovers that we don’t know what to do with.

Hothorpe Head Chef, Fraser McDonald has had the foresight to come to the rescue, with a fabulous recipe to revitalise your leftover Christmas Pudding!


Christmas Pudding Crème Brûlée


150g Christmas Pudding
1/2 pint double cream
5 egg yolks
100g of castor sugar                                                                                                                           1 vanilla pod


Pre-heat the oven to 140°C

Crumble the Christmas pudding into 5 ramekins.

Bring cream and vanilla pod to boil.

Cream together the eggs and sugar.

Pour the cream into the yolk and sugar mix whilst whisking.

Divide the mixture among the ramekins.

Bake at 140 until just set (about 20 mins).

Cool in the fridge until set.

Before serving sprinkle with sugar and caramelise quickly under a VERY hot grill.


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