Mother of the Bride outfit ideas

12 September 2019

If your daughter’s nuptials are coming up, your thoughts may have recently turned to Mother of the Bride outfits. Although a great deal of attention will be paid to her gown, it’s vital that you don’t underestimate the importance of your attire.

Five things to look for when you’re the one planning the meeting!

19 August 2019

Have you been tasked with the job of planning the staff meeting? No need to worry, we’ve put together our top tips on how to ensure you’re getting it right!

Our very own wedding dress expert...

19 July 2019

Here at Hothorpe Venues we have our very own bridal expert – Bethan. Not only is Bethan one of our fantastic wedding co-ordinators she (very handily) happens to be a shared owner of Courtyard Bridal Boutique, so we’re making the most of her experience and expertise.

Themes: 1950s

23 May 2019

Have we mentioned how lucky we are to see every kind of wedding under the sun? Yes? Well we’ll just say it one more time and make a sing and dance about another one of our favourite themes… The 1950’s!

Themes: Fairytale

14 May 2019

Our fantastic day at The Unconventional Wedding Festival this weekend has left us feeling super inspired! With two completely different style wedding venues, we’re lucky enough to see every theme you can think of, so it’d be selfish not to share a few of our favourites wouldn’t it?

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