Five Things To Look For When You’Re The One Planning The Meeting

Woodlands meeting table

Have you been tasked with the job of planning the staff meeting? Has it got your head spinning thinking ‘Where do I start? How will I please everyone? Why me?’

Well, there’s no need to worry, we’ve put together our top tips on how to ensure you’re getting it right!

1. Location and accommodation

If your meeting or conference is spanning the course of a couple of days, you’ll need to check for suitable accommodation, ensuring that there are enough rooms either onsite or close by to accommodate your team.

At Hothorpe Venues we are lucky enough that both our venues have onsite accommodation. Hothorpe Hall has 55 bedrooms and The Woodlands has 23 bedrooms, meaning we can offer up to 78 bedrooms collectively*.

You should also consider the ease of access and transport for your team. Are you going to travel together? Will you arrive by car, train or hire a private bus? Either way, you want to make sure that the location is accessible to everyone.

*Subject to availability.

2. Capacity and space

It goes without saying to check the capacity of a venue, but you should also consider space, after all you want your attendees to feel comfortable.

Both our venues sit in 12 acres of gorgeous grounds with stunning views, so we see first-hand what a difference it makes when people can take five minutes in the fresh air before regrouping.

3. Layout

The layout you’re looking for will completely depend on your event and any good event venue should understand that. If you already know what style room you need then ensure the venue can accommodate this, if you’re not sure yet which style will best suit your event then speak with the bookings team and ask for advice.

4. Technical talk

It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to please everyone that logistics often gets forgotten. If you’re presenting at your meeting, you’ll need to consider connection points, charging points, internet speed etc.

5. Food & refreshments

It doesn’t matter if your trip is for a day meeting or an overnight stay, we all know the main talking point will be the food! When deciding on your meeting venue ensure you know exactly what is included in the package and what will cost you extra, take your time to look over the options and if you’re staying for the night why not look out for a Prosecco bar or cocktail station to treat the team!