Cheap mid-week breaks in the UK

Sometimes you just need to break free of routine. Whether it is a spontaneous romantic mid-week break or something you plan, taking time out and have a night or two away can be the change that you are looking for.

Mid-week breaks in the UK are the perfect solution – no need to worry about changing your money from one currency to another, or hunting high and low for your passport, or even the stress of packing and unpacking. You throw a few things in an overnight bag and catch the train or take a leisurely drive to your destination for a luxury midweek break.

The only real issue you have is deciding where to go. With so many options it can be tough making a choice. With this in mind, we have put together a few hints and tips on how to plan the perfect mid-week break:

Money isn’t everything

On one hand, when you spend triple figures on a hotel room, you expect 5-star service – and quite rightly so. But, the beauty behind a mid-week break, or so we think, is the fact that you can stay in luxury accommodation without the luxury price tag.

Hotels, guest houses and so on may be fully booked on a weekend but the mid-week slump means there are rooms to fill. Therefore, there are bargains to be had. Even better, if you are truly spontaneous you could be wallowing in luxury tonight at a cheap mid-week break with us. We also offer self catering midweek breaks.

Cheap without compromising on quality

Cheap, in some ways, can denote that the product or service is not up to much. But we think that when it comes to cheap mid-week breaks, it should mean a competitive price without compromising on the luxury, the service, the facilities and so on. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you can actually get quite a lot for your money too!

A chance to explore or rekindle memories

There are so many villages, towns and cities in the UK that are different but packed full of events, shops, things to do, restaurants and so on. Mid-week breaks, we think, present the perfect opportunity to explore new places or re-visit old haunts from times gone past.

Everyone has different likes and dislikes. Whether you are travelling as friends or as a romantic couple, or a family there is plenty to do here in Leicester. From taking in the sights and sounds of the city, the museums and the theatres, to making trips to specific places, such as Richard IIIs museum, or the local country parks.

You can, of course, choose not to leave. You could just kick back, relax, and enjoy the surroundings without stepping a foot outside our grounds. 

So, the next time you feel the drudgery of life starting to weigh you down, break out of routine and opt for a cheap mid-week break at The Woodlands at Hothorpe Hall to recharge the batteries and enjoy all the amenities we have to offer.

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