As you plan the perfect birthday celebration, anniversary party or even an engagement party either for yourself or for a loved one, you may be wondering what you need to look for in a party venue. Here at Hothorpe Hall, we have successfully hosted all kinds of birthday parties, events and celebrations and we know just how to help your party goes with the swing you want it to:

Choosing the right backdrop

Any venue creates an impression on your guest, usually in the first few seconds of them being in the hotel and its grounds. Depending on the occasion, you’re likely to want a venue with character, elegance and appeal. The backdrop to your party is one key factor that sets the tone for the whole celebration, and if you want somewhere that has history and heritage, somewhere that adds a certain sense of class and elegance to your party then we’re the perfect place. Our hotel creates that sense of wonder and enjoyment for guests arriving to celebrate any event, which is why we are popular for all kinds of celebrations, including surprise parties.

How many guests?

It may be a small intimate dinner for a handful of people, or it could be a huge party to celebrate a certain milestone. Regardless of guest numbers, you need a venue that can effortlessly accommodate the number of guests. In other words, the room needs to be big enough so that guests don’t feel cramped, but not too big that it feels sparse and devoid of all contact between people. As a popular party venue, we understand how to cater for all sizes of party from a small gathering to a larger celebration and offer a range of options to make your party extra special. 

What facilities do you need?

Do you want a venue where you can change the facilities on offer, to match what you want? This is a key question because rather than you ‘fitting’ to a venue and what they offer, the perfect party venue should respond to what you want. You may want something a little different, and may have guests travelling from afar, and rather than just have the ‘normal’ disco, you may want to make a weekend of it? From opening up a series of rooms, to having plenty of bars and staff to manage the event, to there being enough rooms for all the guests and so on, our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to make your party a truly fabulous event.

What’s your budget?

Everyone has a budget, whether it is limited or not. From complimentary drink on arrival, to the buffet or dinner menu being what your guests will love, we can ensure your budget goes farther than you’d think – it’s often the small touches that make a big difference.

At Hothorpe, we can create the perfect party for you – whatever the occasion. After you have talked and danced, danced some more, laughed and thoroughly enjoyed yourself, rather than find a taxi home from this special venue, why not stay the night with us too?

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