Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Hothorpe Venues is privately owned with Christian values, which provides a comfortable environment with wide-ranging facilities, to a variety of organisations and individuals. Hothorpe Venues’ 12 acre site houses Hothorpe Hall, The Woodlands and The Treehouse.

Since its conception in 1984, Hothorpe Hall has seen massive investment, transforming it from a building in semi-dilapidation, to an award-winning venue and a jewel in the crown of the region’s hospitality offering.

This was recognised in 2016, when Hothorpe Hall & The Woodlands were awarded the title of Most Innovative Business Tourism Partner, as part of the prestigious Leicester & Leicestershire Tourism Awards, developed and hosted by Leicester Shire Promotions.

We are committed to the increasing prosperity of our business but also sensitive to the communities that we serve and the environment in which we operate.

The environment

We commit wherever possible, to reduce our environmental impact and consider the implementation of green initiatives.

We are conscious of ensuring sustainability through recycling, as well as keeping the protection and encouragement of the flora and fauna of Hothorpe Venues at the forefront of our operations.

We commit to ethical and environmental sourcing across all areas of the business, wherever it is possible and practical to do so. We are mindful of minimising pollution and promoting greener transport options where possible.

We actively encourage all staff to act in an environmentally friendly manner.

The community

We recognise our responsibilities to our community. We value relationships we have already established with many non-profit organisations and businesses, both locally and nationally, and wish our relationships with them to grow stronger.

We are committed to supporting our village and wider local community, helping local industry to flourish and championing their successes. We have built strong relationships with local suppliers, so we can keep the food miles low and the quality high!

As part of this commitment, we actively support local, people-centred charities who serve, offer compassion and provide justice and hope to others who are in disadvantage, distress or sickness.

In order to do this we will donate a proportion of our profits each year to charitable causes and we will support our staff, customers and suppliers in their efforts to support local charities. We actively encourage suggestions from staff and the wider community to help us reach our charitable goals.

Dignity at work

We are committed to providing a work environment free from bullying and harassment and where every individual is treated with dignity and respect.

We commit to support, protect, develop and grow our team, their working environment and benefits that are available to them.