Wedding Planning From Home

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Imagine this, you’ve just got that ring on your finger and suddenly the whole country goes into lockdown, getting right in the way of your wedding planning! A few months ago, this would have seemed impossible, yet here we are! 

Don’t worry though, there are bits you can be doing in the meantime to get the ball rolling, and after all, what better time to be doing it? You’ve got plenty of hours in the day and need something exciting to look forward to, so here’s the chance! 

Here are our main things to start thinking about… 


Ok so the first part isn’t the most fun part, but it has to be done. What can you afford to spend? This will influence the rest of your decisions throughout the planning process so be realistic. 


How do you want your day to look/feel? Are you going for a classic day or a relaxed vibe, or somewhere in between? Create Pinterest boards, Instagram collection, physical mood boards or whatever you prefer to start getting your ideas together visually. 

Guest list 

You probably won’t have your full guest list at this stage unless you’re super organised, but it’s worth roughly considering how many people you want to invite. This will help you determine if venues are appropriate and where to start allocating your budget. 


Unless you absolutely must get married on a specific date the best thing to do is start narrowing dates down. Do you want a fresh spring wedding or a crisp winter wedding? Is it really important to you to have a Saturday wedding, which will probably cost you more? How many of your guests would only be able to attend on school holidays? Asking all these sorts of questions should leave you with a rough time frame. 

It is also worth considering that due to recent events many of this year’s weddings will be postponed until next year, so dates may be even more limited than usual. 

Possible venues 

With a budget, rough numbers and style in mind, you’ve made it easy for yourself to start looking for venues. Start researching online, take a look at social media accounts, websites and download brochures like never before! Once you have a shortlist of venues that seem right to you, book in at all of them for a viewing once things are back up and running.