Video Call Like A Pro

So, we’re in the swing of things a little more with working from home and have you noticed that your video call requests are picking up? Yep, people are getting the hang of it – including your boss. Don’t worry if a video call isn’t exactly your idea of a good time (especially if you’re juggling working from home, homeschooling and keeping your house plants alive) here are a few tips to help you out! 


Remember that wherever you’re positioned, your colleagues are likely to get a look at your what’s behind you at some point. Don’t be too hard on yourself, nobody will expect you to live in a show home but you probably don’t want to be in a virtual meeting with a load of dirty washing or an unmade bed behind you. 

Ready for your close up?

You’ll most likely be in close view of your camera or webcam, meaning your face is going to be quite prominent on someone else’s screen! Why not use your meeting as a bit of an excuse to go back to your usual routine – put a bit of moisturiser or makeup on, or do your hair as you would if you were going into the office. 

Workwear or loungewear?

It’s highly unlikely that you’re going to be expected to be in your usual workwear! If you’ve put a nice top on but decided you’ll be much comfier keeping your joggers or gym leggings on, don’t worry, you’re probably not going to be the only one (just don’t forget if you have to get up for any reason!). 

All by yourself

If you can, take yourself away from the rest of the house for the call. Set up a space in the spare room or even in the garden if the weather is nice. The last thing you want is to miss information or have to repeat yourself because someone’s got the TV on, or is making lunch in the background. 

Be prepared! 

Depending on how confident you are in using the platform that your meeting is being hosted on, give yourself 10 minutes to get set up. You don’t want to keep everyone waiting while you’re figuring out how to connect on to the call. This will also give you the chance to check the lighting and position of your camera too.