The Power Of The Seating Plan

Think seating plans are a thing of the past? Think again! 

We often hear the phrase ‘people don’t do that anymore’ when chatting about wedding styles and trends (which we do, a lot!). Sure, many traditions are being altered or brought up to date, but it’s very rare for something to be completely unwanted. 

The latest thing to get a bit of a hard time is the seating plan. Of course, it’s completely up to each individual couple as to how to plan their day, but don’t let the whispers put you off. In many cases, not having a structure can end up a bit disorderly, with the odd seat here and there and some people not really sure if it’s ok to plonk themselves in between your granny and your next-door neighbour!

Here are our top tips on how to get organised… 

Decide on table shape

If your venue only provides one shape, find out what it is and go from there. You might decide based upon design or practicality, either way, make sure you’re confident with your decision so you don’t end up having to start from scratch! 

Names & numbers

The clearer, the better but it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with your ideas. You could name each table after a country you’ve visited and display the flags as centrepieces or name each table after your favourite colours and choose the table decor accordingly. 

Put yourself first 

Start by deciding where you’re going to be sitting. Are you going to have a sweetheart table or even a top table for that matter? Do you want to be in the centre or the top of the room? Again, always best to check in with any venues you might be looking at and see what your options are. 

Create groups 

Next, it can be helpful to group all the special people in your lives. Wedding party, family, school friends, work friends etc. This doesn’t necessarily mean they all have to sit together but it gives you a good idea of who will be comfortable sitting together and have plenty to chat about. 

Kid’s corner

A kid’s table can be a really good idea, let’s face it, adult conversation isn’t really what riveting to pre-teens is it? This way, the children will probably create their own entertainment and have fun together. You could even include some table games or colouring activities. 

Electronic is key 

Initially at least, create your table plan electronically – especially if you’re not 100% decided on your venue. This way, if you make any changes it can be a simple cut & paste job! You can also send it around easily if you need to. You might want to check the arrangements with your parents, wedding party or even your wedding coordinator and it’ll be easy enough to email them your list.