Switch It Up

Has your motivation slipped a little? Given the current situation, it’s easy to find ourselves feeling completely different each day. One day full of energy and being productive, the next sitting in our PJ’s all day with whatever snacks we can find in the cupboard. 

As much we hate to hear it, it’s true what they say though, energy makes energy. An at-home workout (even if it’s just twenty minutes) will lift your mood and should leave you with slightly more of a spring in your step. 

So, why not switch up your routine a little and try out these workouts that can all be done from home and are available for free on YouTube! 


Search for: Pilates for beginners home workout 

Pilates is all about strengthening, tightening and toning your muscles, so if cardio isn’t really you’re thing you could give this a go! It can easily be done from home using just a yoga mat (or whatever you can find lying around) and there are plenty of beginner workouts available. 


Search for: Boxing home workou

Boxing can be really fun and there are loads of different variations that you can try, depending on whether you want to concentrate on technique or get a little cardio in! You won’t need a punching bag either as many of YouTube’s video are specifically for a home workout. 

HITT aka High Intensity Interval Training 

Search for: HITT at home workout no equipment  

HITT consists of short bursts of exercise followed by short rest periods that aim to get your heart rate up! Some love it, some hate it,  but on YouTube the possibilities are endless! Usually, the videos are only around 20 minutes long but you can choose between high impact, low impact, toning and strengthening or calorie burning. 


Search for: Dance workout 

How do you make cardio more fun? Turn it into a dance class! Street dance, hip-hop, Latin, Bollywood, the list goes on! Whatever you fancy, you’ll be able to find it!