School's Out

So, school’s out and self-isolation is in and day three might be feeling like day three hundred? Don’t worry, we’re sure your not the only person feeling like this. Although this is the ideal time to spend more time together and appreciate what you have, you’d be forgiven if you’re fining keeping the kids entertained all day a little challenging. 

Here’s our little list that might help you out… 

Learn something new 

There really is no time like the present! If you’ve got an old guitar lying around or plenty of makeup that you’ve not even opened from Christmas yet, get on it. Find a youtube tutorial, let the kids practice with you (or on you in the makeup case)! 


Chances are schools will have sent kids home with activity packs. Let’s be honest, we’re not teachers and homeschooling will be new and challenging! If you have to google something, google it, or even better challenge each other to who can find the answer first. Don’t beat yourself up, we’re all doing our best. 

Duvet day 

Have a duvet day, it’s ok! With so much going on and lots of uncertainty, it’s understandable if the kids are feeling a little out of sorts. Sometimes snuggling on the sofa with a film on is what is needed. 

Get outside 

If you’ve been meaning to get out and give the garden a tidy for a little while, well now you’ve got little helpers! It’s the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and teach them something new while you’re at it. 

Get organised 

Remember that the kids will probably get cabin fever too (once the novelty has worn off), so get organised. Make a list of everything that needs to be done around the house and divide it up throughout the week. Make it as fun as possible, why not see who can do the hoovering the quickest to win a chocolate bar? Or challenge each other to who can create the neatest washing pile to win their favourite bag of crisps (or the best alternative, thanks panic buying!). 

P.S. Yes, we absolutely think teachers should be paid much (much) more!