Make Lockdown Work For You

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You might not think so, but this time could actually be very useful to you if you’re in the middle of wedding planning! Sure, it’s frustrating when all you want to do is go venue hunting, dress shopping and get booked in for hair and makeup trials, but things can be shuffled around a little! 

Why not think ahead and try these cost-effective top tips that you could be doing in the meantime…  

Make your own confetti 

Something that you might not have had the time (or probably the patience) for if the world was going on as normal right now! Why not get out in the garden and start drying out petals to make your own confetti. There’s plenty of instructions online and another perk of doing it yourself is picking exactly what you want! 

Create a wish list 

You can do this in two ways, depending on which stage of the planning process you’re already at. If you haven’t already, create a list of everything you still need to buy before the big day and be as detailed as possible (this will help you to keep on top of your budget!). If you’re a bit further on, you can start making your gift list to choose from when family & friends inevitably start asking what you’d like. 


Make the most of the millions of free videos that are available online and teach yourself a new skill. Why not try calligraphy, make-up, hair or even sewing tutorials. You never know, it could end up in you creating your own invitations, doing your own hair and makeup or even stitching up your own wedding dress hem, saving you a good chunk of your budget! 


Get creative and make things yourself where you can. You could start putting together your own table centrepieces or wedding favours. There’s plenty of cost-effective ideas on Instagram and Pinterest!