Look After Yourself

Let’s not sugar coat it, this is a strange and hard time for most of us. We’re missing our families and friends, and if we’re really honest we’re missing the pub much more than we should! 

It’s so important at this time to practice self-care, so we asked our mental health champion, Emily, for her top tips on looking after ourselves at this tricky time… 


Keep to a routine – Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should sit around in your pyjamas all day (sorry!). Try to get up, dressed and showered at your usual time. Have breakfast, brush your teeth and set small goals for your day.

Get some exercise – There are hundreds of free exercise classes on YouTube. With everything from boxercise and HIIT to yoga and pilates, try and find something you enjoy. Or, get creative and plan a circuit around your home! 


Emily’s current YouTube favourites are:

P.E with Joe – Joe Wicks is currently live streaming a morning workout every Monday – Friday at 9am. It’s aimed at kids, but families from all over the globe have been getting involved, so there’s no reason why you can’t! 

Yoga with Adriene – She has hundreds of different yoga sessions including great routines that help to relax, help with posture and help affirm a more positive approach to your body (plus her dog often gets involved, which is fun!).  


Get some fresh air – Make the most of your once a day exercise break and head outdoors. Even if it’s for a walk, make it part of your routine. Also, if you can, take the time to sit in the garden when the weather is nice – close your eyes, face the sun and take a couple of deep fulfilling breaths. Sit still, listen and appreciate your surroundings. 

Turn off the world – Being at home can be isolating but embrace some alone time. Make sure you have at least 30 minutes a day off devices and screens to give your brain the chance to rest and reset. 

Keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues – There are great apps out there that let you keep connected – FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom to name a few. Why not arrange a virtual get together? Plan a date, time and log on. The power of having a good conversation and a giggle together can really boost wellbeing. 

Learn something new – There are loads of free online courses for you to get stuck in to!  Everything from learning how to crochet to graphic design courses. Check with your local colleges, many do free Level 2 Diplomas in subject areas such as mental health, nutrition & health and business administration. 

Eat well – Plan your meals, learn to cook, learn to enjoy cooking. The BBC Good Food website has loads of easy recipes. Soup is simple, cheap and nutritious and can be made from anything! 

Plan for the future – Don’t worry about all the restrictions that are in place now, they won’t be forever! Research a place you’ve always wanted to visit, find out about the accommodation, local bars and restaurants – look at their menus and imagine what you’d eat if you were there. Joining Facebook groups is a brilliant way to find out information from the locals.

Know its ok to not be ok – Being anxious, scared or worried is normal, sometimes we need a little extra support to help us through tough times. This could be having a chat with a friend or family member, seeking professional help, or looking online.

You might find some of the following websites helpful: