How To Master Working From Home

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Pyjamas, Netflix, 30 second walk to the fridge, no morning commute… the list goes on. Before all this (and we all know the this we’re referring to) working from home was the ultimate dream for many of us. Now? Not so much. The reality is working from home, particularly for a long period of time is probably not going to be ideal, especially if we’re not leaving the house in the evening either.  

So, here’s our top tips on how to be productive and stay motivated: 

Work your hours

Just like you would if you were working from an office, set yourself hours. They don’t have to necessarily be the same hours every day, but make sure you have a working day, you don’t have to be available 24/7. Make the most of your out of office and leave work like you would normally, just mentally rather than physically. 

 Take a break 

You’re still entitled to a break! No one is productive if they don’t take a breather, there’s only so much your brain can take in one sitting! Grab a cup of coffee, call your best mate, gofor a jog (or maybe a home workout!) and then get back to the grind. 

Set up camp 

This one will be completely different for everyone. Some of us will be able to set up a dedicated office at home, some of us won’t, either way have a designated working area. It’s important for your brain to associate work with a certain space so that when you’re not in that space you can focus on other things. 


Some of us may find we start to get cabin fever within the next few weeks, so actively look for ways to be social, even if that’s not physically possible. Instead of emailing, pick up the phone or schedule a FaceTime catch up with your colleagues. 


We know, you thought you’d found the perfect excuse not to go to the gym, but exercise is important to keep you from feeling lethargic and it also reduces stress and anxiety. YouTube has plenty of free home workouts that are only 10 minutes long (it’s better than nothing!).

Listen to music 

Not everyone loves background noise, but it’s worth considering to keep your mood up! If you want to avoid news updates (no one would blame you) why not create a playlist of all your favourite songs?