Get Crafty

Last week, we mentioned that you might want to make the most of your extra time by starting to create a few things for your big day and hopefully save some money in the process. 

Here are a few more ideas of what you could get crafty with… 


If you don’t feel confident enough to create something really fancy, simple can be really effective! With sites such as Etsy and eBay still delivering it’s really easy to get your hands on some fabulous materials such as wax seals, foil lettering or personalised stickers. 

Table plan

Tables plans have become really creative and can really express your theme! With current trends including mirrors, ladders, pallets and even wooden crates to help you display where your guests are sitting, Facebook Marketplace is a goldmine for picking these up cheap if you fancy trying a bit of upcycling! 

Table name cards

Depending on your number of guests, table name cards can end up costing a fair bit if you outsource them! Try ordering some plain tent cards and adding your own stamp to them.  Always remember – Pinterest and Instagram are your best friends for tutorials on this sort of thing! 

Wedding sign 

Why not play around with creating a welcome sign for your guests, after all, they are arriving at your wedding so a personal touch might make it that little bit more special! Pallets, chalkboards, a large picture frame – whatever you can get your hands on, see if you can make it work! 

Photo board 

If you can get the photos printed (there are loads of online services), some string and tiny pegs from eBay, you’re good to go! Find as many photos of you, your partner, your family and friends as you’d like and incorporate them into your decor!  


All you need for this is ribbon and fabric of your choice – easy! For a shabby chic/rustic theme there’s no need to hem the bunting, just get your hands on some pinking shears and if you don’t want to get the sewing machine out order some fabric glue and you’re good to go!