Declutter Your Wardrobe 

With your work clothes and occasionwear hanging up waiting to be worn, your wardrobe is probably looking pretty full right now. After all, how many things do you really need when all you’re wearing is the same three pairs of joggers and four t-shirts?! 

With plenty of time on our hands, now is the time to start decluttering! 

Work wardrobe 

Right now, your work clothes are probably not getting a look in, but when things return to normal group them together and put them at the front of your wardrobe. You wear these everyday, if they’re easy to access, you won’t have to go searching through all your other clothes. 

Separate into seasons 

Living in the UK, this isn’t as clear cut as we wish it was. Yes, sometimes you’ll need a hoody in the middle of June, so it’s fine to generalise here. 

Sort your clothes into seasons, what do you wear during the summer? What do you wear during the winter? Invest in some vacuum storage bags and put away whichever season you don’t need. Instantly, you’ll create plenty of space and it’ll be a nice surprise when you get your ‘new season’ clothes back out. 

Have a holiday box 

Although we’d love to be in shorts and dresses all year, it’s just not going to happen it is?! The same as separating your clothes for seasons, pull out all your holiday clothes and store them elsewhere. You could even buy a few hard plastic storage boxes for your holiday bags, sunglasses and shoes. 

Think back 

As you’re flicking through your clothes, think about the last time you wore something. Make a rule that if something hasn’t been worn in a year (when we’ve gone through all weathers) then you probably don’t need it any more, so perhaps it’s time for the charity shop?