Be Mindful

No one could have predicted everything that has happened over the past few months, so if you’re feeling a bit all over the place still, that’s perfectly normal! We’ve been hearing a lot about how to look after ourselves in lockdown, but as and when things (hopefully) get back to normal, it’s important not to forget to still be aware of your own mindfulness and mental health as we adapt to another new reality. 

Create routine 

Routine is really important in or out of lockdown. Establish a morning and evening routine to get yourself set up for the day and ready to wind down. It could be as simple as going for walk in the morning and reading a few pages of a book before you go to sleep, but it gives your brain a few minutes to wind down from the day’s events. 

Social media detox 

As things in the world are changing, probably faster than ever before, it’s so important not to surround yourself with negative or false information. Try not to get into the habit of scrolling through social media to see what has been announced and try limiting the amount of news you watch too.  

Make a note

You don’t have to make a diary, but even just a little note of how you’re feeling can help to clear your mind and organise your thoughts.  Plus, when this time is long forgotten, it’ll be really interesting to read back on! 

One step at a time 

Remember, whether we’re talking about past, present or future and regardless of the situation we are in, we can only take one step at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with what you think you should be doing and only take on what you can cope with. A little step goes a long way!