We are a business - with Christian values - here to provide a comfortable environment with wide-ranging facilities, to a variety of organisations and individuals.

Hothorpe Hall opened as a Christian Conference Centre in 1984 and subsequent years has seen large changes; in its owners; structural changes/additions to the building; and changes in strategic direction.In 2015 Hothorpe Hall became Hothorpe Hall & The Woodlands (due to the new residential venue addition) and in 2019 - due to business growth and diversification - it was re-branded as Hothorpe Venues.

Hothorpe Venues' Christian values remain, with a large number of Christian customers, however, Hothorpe Venues' customer base grows year-on-year, now welcoming corporate, association and government-led customers, as well as individuals for weddings, functions and leisure breaks, from across the UK and often worldwide.

We are guided by the following principles:

Working Together 

We respect each other as individuals and value our diverse gifts, experience and contribution. Those who direct and manage seek to be fair, having developed procedures and standards that are defined, practised, nurtured and maintained, and conform consistently with Investors in People. Everyone is encouraged to become more proficient and service-orientated, and to acquire new skills. Teamwork and sensitive communication are key. The health and safety of all workers is paramount. Where there is discord, we pursue reconciliation. We support each other through times of personal difficulty. The value of prayer is acknowledged.

Offering a Friendly and Helpful Service

We offer a warm welcome to all visitors. Every effort possible is made to provide a caring and efficient guest-focused service, whether in respect of food and accommodation, meeting rooms or any other areas of our Centre. All guests’ special requirements are met as far as is practicable. Any guest with a disability receives particular attention to his/her needs. Our aim is to provide food and drink consistent with healthy living, with an accent on freshly prepared home-made food.

Trading Fairly

We make every effort to ensure our terms and conditions are clear and fair but flexible when the need arises. We endeavour to develop close working relationships with our suppliers, paying promptly in line with agreed conditions of supply. We aim to source an increasing proportion of our supplies locally and to offer a choice of products from Fairtrade sources. We seek to minimise wastage and to maximise recycling.

Acknowledging the Wider Community

We recognise our responsibilities to our community. We value relationships we have already established with many non profit organisations and businesses, both locally and nationally, and wish our relationships with them to grow stronger.

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